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Iron on Transfer Advice

Welcome to our recently asked questions.  TeeTransfers get asked a load of questions, so we thought we would post the questions and answers below!

Q: I'm just trying to find out if you are able to make a transfer of my football teams logo.

A: Yes!  However, we only make iron on logos in single colour, so your logo would need to be converted to a single colour logo.  If this is ok, please send your logo with an email to us where we can quote you on your design.

Q: I let the iron heat up fully on its highest setting before positioning the graphic, laying a piece of paper ontop and applying the heat for 30secs.

After removing the heat I noticed the backing plastic had started to crinkle, thus meaning parts of the graphic didnt adhere to the polo. And by the time the third attempt came around, the edges were the only areas that weren't sticking, once the graphic had been left to cool and backing plastic removed.

Where am i going wrong?! 

A: Hmmmm it sounds like a couple of things... 1 the garment is slightly damp ie not full dry.  But the most likely reason is a coating on the polo shirt. Some manufacturers do put a very thin layer of waxy laquer to help protect the material whilst its being sewn.  When the hot iron goes on, it creates a film stopping the transfer from adhering to the fabric.

All is not lost. What you can do is do is reduce the heat of the iron, and instead of 30 seconds, do 10 second presses (with more pressure). 






Q: will a transfer stays on and works on a tee shirt which is 92 % nylon and 8% spandex/poliuretano? if so, will it stays on after washes? Many thanks

A: Great Question!  As with all garments, the material contents do vary ALOT!  The biggest problem is the spandex part of the material.  What i would do is iron the top as you would normally and see if A) It irons and B) Will it take a fair amount of heat.  If it does, then there is no reason why the transfers will not adhere (stick) correctly to it.  As for the wash test, if you have managed to iron on the transfer with a high heat, providing you turn your garment inside out when washing (and wash below 40 degrees) there is no reason why the transfer will not last. 

Q: I am going to a party as hulk hogan a want hulkamania in red across my chest. I want it done in the same font as the one he has on his chest

A: No, its not because we do not want to make the logo, but its heavily copyrighted and we would get into trouble for making it. 

Q: Hi there, I have the artwork for our football club logo (single colour). Can you turn it into an iron on transfer? 

A: Most football logos are multi colour, so applying the transfers (if they can be made) would be quite difficult for a first time user.  What a lof of clubs who want thieir logo as an iron no transfer do, is convert their logo to 1 colour.  If its a problem, please send us the logo and our graphic designers would be more than happy to do this for you.  Please send a large file - no small gifs please :)

Q:  Are you able to accept a County Council purchase order or would you prefer a cheque sent to you? We are a primary schoo and are unable to order direct over the web at the moment. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

A: We are unable to accept county council purchase orders for iron on transfers.  We do however accept cheques for orders over £100 by prior arrangement.  But please beware that we will not make or send the iron no transfers until the cheque has cleared.

Q: Hi, Just a quick query regarding the image transfers - you have pictured them on different coloured backgrounds, for example the purple butterfly is displayed on a purple background. Is it simply the butterfly I would receive, or is the coloured background part of the transfer? Look forward to hearing back from you.

A: The background is just to make it look snazzy, its just the butterfly transfer shape you will receive.  This goes for all our iron on letters, designs and numbers.  The background design is just to give our website some lovely colours!

Q: Hi, i am looking for some letter transfers to put on a football flag which is made from a nylon type material and was wondering if your transfers are ok on this. the sizes i require are 4 letters at A4 and 8 letters at about 110-120mm. is this something that you can do

A: Yes!  We can make iron on transfers in most sizes, however the larger they are the more difficult they are to apply.  The price will depend on the colour of the transfer material you require, and what font you require.

Q: Hi there I need letters to customise a running tee shirt. It is a polyester fabric that recommends a cool iron. do you think your letters will work on it?

A:  Running vests are quite tricky! Our material will go onto nylon which cant be heated too high, so i assume its going to be the same thing.

The problem with the vest is that there will be some sort of coating on which may burn with an iron if its too hot. Obviously we can not be responsible if your vest is ruined, but me personally i would give it a go.

We sell thousands of letters / numbers to runners who in most cases will have the same style vest as yours. What i would do is find the temperate that your vest can take, but apply the heat and pressure in smaller doses... so rather than 1 long press for 30 seconds at high heat... i would press for 5 seconds on a medium heat (twice / three times).