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How we size our Iron on Transfers

We have 2 different character sizing methods on our website, the most common is based on "Font Size".  The font size is based on average height per letter/number. We also offer a "width" option which is the overall width of the word when ordered.

How we size our transfers - Font Size

Our sizes are fairly easy to follow, but sometimes may confuse (sorry!), so we have put together a little page which explains how we size letters and designs.  When ordering iron on transfers we offer you choices of size.  This is either in the height of the font (letters & numbers) or the longest side (logos / designs etc).

First I am going to explain how our letters are sized!

Iron on Letter & Number Sizing

In the example below an order for the letters DAVID at 5cm high font would be quite simple.  All the letters are uppercase and therefore are approx 50mm high (5cm).

Remember you are ordering a font size, so lowercase letters match with their uppercase friends.  This means there is no need to order a larger font size for capitals.  In the next image you will see the same letters, but all in "lowercase"

The font size is exactly the same!

If you choose a mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters the font size is still exactly the same!  So when you want the first letter of the word to be in capitals, order the same size font for the whole transfer. 

If you your order ONLY has lowercase letters, the sizing will be exactly the same as above.  This is because you are ordering the font size at 5cm, not the actual letter.  In the example below, the customer has ordered all their letters in lowercase.  As you are ordering a "FONT SIZE", the same 50mm rule applies.  This means that if you wanted to add an UPPERCASE letter to your order everything will match - clever eh?

If your order consists of uppercase letters and lowercase letters like "y" / "g" / "q" if you notice they all have small tails.  This makes the total height of the transfer larger, yet the font size stays the same (in theory you get more for your money!)

How we size our transfers - Width

Our iron on name transfers are sized based on overall width of the name entered.  The only page we offer this is:

For example:

if you order the name "Chris" at a 20cm width, the overall width would be 20cm (the size height would be proportional)


If you ordered the name "Christopher" at 20cm width, the name would still be 20cm in width, but the height would be smaller due to more characters as shown below:


How we size Iron on Designs

Our iron on designs (animals, household items etc etc etc) are much simpler to explain.  Our iron on designs are sized by "the longest side".  This means that they are either taller.... or wider!  On our examples below, if a customer was to order each transfer at 50mm Longest Side, then the results of the sizing are below.

If the design is "taller" then we set the size of the transfer the ordered size.  Lets take this Cat Iron on Transfer, the cat is taller (portrait) so we size the height.  This means the width will be smaller.

If however the iron on transfers longest side is its width, then we will size the transfer by its width (not its height).  Please see the example below of the  iron on crab transfer.  The design is wider than it is taller, so the width is set to 50mm with its height in proportion.


We hope we have explained how our sizing works, but if you have any query what so ever please use our contact form here